Appointment at a University for Breast Reconstruction..?

A partial mastectomy left me with asymmetrical breasts and insurance denied reconstruction, I was offered an appointment for service at a University (USC-Santa Monica) for breast aug/mastopexy. She said all residents will be in their fifth year.Am I able to request a chief resident to do the surgery? Or is my appointment already tied to a certain resident? I am 23 yr old student, Is this a good opportunity for someone with not much to spend on a surgery for exp'd doctor? Thank you for your time.

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Asymmetric breasts after partial mastectomy

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  What the heck are you doing?  You are 23 and have the rest of your life ahead of you and you are going to have a resident do your sugery?  This is rediculous.

  Consult with a board certified breast plastic surgeon and work it out with the insurance company.  There is a federal law of the late 1990's that may just apply to you for insurance coverage.

  But listen to your question !  You want to know if you are able to request a chief resident to do the surgery.  Wow.  If you were my daughter, I would be so upset that you are not seeking other opinions.  You should take your time...get your options and stop this resident thing. 

  THE REST OF YOUR LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   YOU ARE 23....Does anything else need to be said????

                Steven M. Lynch, M.D.


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First of all there are several options for partial breast reconstrcution depending on the position of the area of the breast that is asymmetric as well as the opposite breast size and shape.  I am unclear why you are going to be seen in a resident clinic for a mastopexy augmentation.  If you are a breast cancer survior of simply had an excisioonal biopsy that left the shape of your breast asymmetric you should be consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options in detali that may in clude but are not limited to:  Fat grafting, tissue rearrangment, lefts and or reductions and other more complicated procedures that involve tissue tiisue transer from close by the breast or from another area of the body.

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