How to Apply Smartlash?

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Smartlash application

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with Smartlash. Please consult the packaging for instructions on application, or consult the manufacturer.

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Smartlash Application

   The FDA has approved Latisse for the purpose of growing lashes, whereas as plactic surgeons we are less familiar with these other, unapproved products.

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Latisse is the only product FDA approved to grow eyelashes. The product has been available for several years and my patients have ben very pleased with the results

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How to Apply Smartlash

Smartlash isn't a medical product and has no medical studies to back it. Only Latisse is FDA-approved for eyelash growth. Smartlash should have it's own application directions if you chose to use it.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
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Use Latisse ONLY....

I do not recommend you use anything other than the one and only FDA approved Latisse for lash ehnancement.  They have scientific studies supporting the safety of the product.


Hope this helps.


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