Why are my sides bulging? I had a tummy tuck a week ago (Photo)

Just have a tummy tuck a week ago. I know its still early to tell plus the swelling. But why does the side pop out so much. I had the full tt. And lipo on sides as well.

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Sides Bulging

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Well yes you are so early out that it is hard to say what it will look like in say 3 months. Being that said, I think it is very important to set patients expectations and I do not know if that was done or not for you. You start out with quite a bit of extra abdominal and flank skin and tissue. I suspect you will still have bulging out over the sides because you still have a lot of skin and subcutaneous fat in that are. Liposuction can improve that but it will not get rid of it and it will not make it super flat either. What helps patients have the best result possible is to maximally lose weight prior to surgery. Weight loss is the best predictor of what your result will look like later. We are all built different, and you seem to have thicker skin flaps compared to some others. You are not the only one, this happens to many patients. You look GREAT from where you started, but will you have totally flat sides, probably not. It's just simple anatomy. You the to take things in perspective and look at where you are starting and where you are now. Your results will get better with time, I just do not know if the sides will do down to here you think they will. That is where the whole managing expectations comment comes in. What you want and what realistically can be created maybe be close together or very far apart. The job of the surgeon is to figure out how far apart those two expectations are and give you a realistic idea of how close you can get to what you want. I really hope this helps you. You look great though so celebrate a successful surgery that seem stop be complication free so far. That is a blessing. 

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Why are my sides bulging? I had a tummy tuck a week ago

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AT one week, there may be much swelling. Wear your compression garment and follow up with your surgeon. It takes 3 to 6 months for the final result. 

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