What are my options for implant explant? (photos)

I have my 480cc implants put in two years ago. Two months ago I had capsulorrhaphy to fix bottoming out of breast. My breast still aches. I considered getting exchanged for smaller but feel like I just want my implants taken out all together for Many personal reasons.My skin still feels pretty tight and I'm young.I didn't have much cleavage before/32b ..Will I need a lift?Just explant? Should I add fat with fat grafting?Or lipo excess fat and just be flat.I'd rather be flat than extremely saggy.

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What are my options for implant explant?

If you have saline implants, they can be deflated in the office to see how things will look. If you have silicone gel implants, then you may remove them and wait to see how things turn our. You can do a lift or fat grafting later. However, liposuction and fat grafting can be done at the same time also. I doubt you would need a lift. 

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480 cc implants out

Hi There,no, I do not think you need a lift based on your pictures.I would need to know your height/weight/etc... of course for more precision.now your skin was stretched by the implants during those 2 years, your ribs flattened also by their weight, and we cannot stop aging either: meaning once the implants are out, you may find yourself smaller/flatter than before.fat grafting to the breast is still controversial.so it is whenever you are ready !hope this helps,F. Mussat MD

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