By Appearance : A Superficial Clump of Radiesse VS. A Formed Granuloma?

After being injected with Radiesse under my eyes I noticed a superficial clump in the orbital area, under my left eye. My doctor told me it would go away in 12mos. I can't accept this. I have been massaging it and pinching at it, hoping it will speed up the break down; I am starting to feel discouraged & hopeless since there has been NI; my wedding is 8mos. away. It has been 4mos. How can I know it is making progress and that it will go away for sure? How can I be sure it is NOT a granuloma.

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Clump of Radiesse vs Granuloma

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Normally granulomas are not instant and take a bit to form, so if this lump has been there since you were injected, it is most likely a lump of Radiesse. And yes, it will go away with time, as there's not any other options because Radiesse doesn't have a counter agent to dissolve it. The only other thing I might mention is that you should NOT be rubbing and massaging it. You could actually be creating scar tissue around the lump, which is going to make it harder for that lump to go away. I know it's difficult, but keep your hands and fingers away from it. The last thing you want to do is make it worse than it is!

No Radiesse under the eyes

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I would think that by another 8 months it would be gone if it is Radiesse. Radiesse is not recommended in this area - but Juvederm and Restylane are recommended (for future reference). Don't panic and be patient.

Clump of Radiesse versus granuloma

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The issue with the bump under your eye after Radiesse injection is almost certainly due to the Radiesse itself and not a granuloma.  Granulomas after Radiesse (and other fillers) are not common and generally take months to form.  Unfortunately, there is not an easy way to deal with your problem.  Personally, I do not use Radiesse under the eye and prefer treating that area with Restylane, which is softer in nature.  It is possible that you could have some Restylane injected under the eye to camouflage the bump and improve your appearance.  Over time, the Radiesse bump should resolve completely.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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A Superficial Clump of Radiesse

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Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to remove Radiesse, the best option for you is to wait it out till it dissolves on its own and can typically last a bit longer when injected to the tear troughs do to less movement. Your body will metabolize it and will be less noticeable by your wedding day.

Best of luck

A clump of Radiesse versus a Granuloma?

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Since it was present shortly after the injection it is most likely some Radiesse.  I do not advise being treated with Radiesse in this area; partly because the skin is so thin, and Radiesse should ideally be injected deeper than is practical there, that the combination has too high a risk of adverse events.  I don't think there's much you can do to make it "go away" faster but the good news is that it should, on its own, and - hopefully - in time for your wedding.  Needless to say I'm sorry for any problems you're having and if there's any question you should see one or more additional plastic surgeons to get the opinion of someone who can see you in person.

Dr. E

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