Unhappy With Appearance of Nose Three Weeks Post Rhinoplasty.

Hi! I am almost three weeks post rhinoplasty and am concerned about the appearance of my nose. About two thirds down the bridge, just above the tip, there is an area where the skin appears to have sucked in around the cartilage and my nose almost appears to have a spine! My surgeon says to massage the area to help it fill in. It is much more prominent on one side. Is this possibily permanent? I understand that this is early and things will change, but I this is not an edema issue.

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Unhappy with Nasal Appearance 3 Weeks Post Rhinoplasty

It is difficult to comment on your nose 3 weeks after rhinoplasty, especially when we don't have any pictures, don't know what was done,  and cannot examine you. At this time I would follow the recommendations of your surgeon.

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Unhappy with appearance 3wks after rhinoplasty

While you still have a lot of swelling , and the nose will change as this decreases, It would be helpful to see photos. The other questions I have is whether your surgeon placed any grafts along the tip of the nose.

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