Apparent Asymmetry in Chin After Chin Implant. Will an X-ray Show Position of a Chin Implant? (photo)

I had chin implant done about 2 mos. ago. im noticing asymmetry on left side. I like change to my appearance on right side, but unhappy with apparent result on left side. I also dont feel enough projection was added to front of chin to better balance how much my lips "stick out" due to an open bite. Dr. took ceph. x-ray after implant but it very faintly showed up. Is there another type of xray where implant will show up clearly so i can confirm whether implant was placed correctly/evenly?

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Chin Implant Asymmetry/Placement

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Plain x-rays will only show a very faint show of the implant if at all. High resolution CT or MRI imaging will show it clearly but that is a considerable expense to go through for that information. Your pictures show no chin implant asymmetry to me and it appears well placed. Implants are preformed so they have equal thicknesses on both sides. There is no such thing as 'adding projection to the implant' during surgery. Material can be subtracted but not added to it. I suspect that the implant has unmasked some natural chin asymmetry that has only become apparent as the residual dwelling has subsided.

Chin Implant

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X-ray will show the implant, Ct scan will surely show the implant,unless a three D ct of the mandible and the implant is done, then it will not show the exact diagnosis.

comparing preop and post op pictures may help. Physical examination is very important

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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