I feel like my vagina no longer looks like one. And im embarressed and fearful to be in a relationship. (photo)

A while back i was told i have prolapse in my large intestines and a prolapse of my bladder and they both lay on my vaginal canal.which bends my vaginal canal almost to a v shape. Because of that i have seen bulging patruding of my vaginal canal. It has ridges. No today i dont see it because now i see almost white flower shape swirl tissue patruding towards the outside of my vagina. Can you help me to understand whats happening.

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Prolapse issues and effects on vaginal appearance

Prolapse and sagging of the vaginal walls, bladder, etc is the product of damage to the pelvic floor support system. It is not life-threatening, but can create discomfort and difficulty with urination, bowel movements and sex. It best treated by pelvic reconstructive surgery. This is usually performed by gynecologists and urogynecologists.

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Vagina doesnt look right

Hi! Great question and sorry to hear of the issues you are having.  What you are experiencing is very common to someone who have pelvic organ prolapse also known as vaginal prolapse, cystocele/rectocele, uterine prolapse, bladder falling, intestines bulging into vagina etc. If the bladder is dropping or the rectum bulging up into or out of the vagina you will see a bulge and it will distend the opening of the vagina as well. Many times the bulge will be bigger at the end of the day, during straining with a bowel movement or if you have been straining with exercise, etc.Other days it may not be protruding, however because of the damage to the muscles at the opening of the vagina, the inside is much more exposed even without the bulge being there.  Prolapse is a very common condition that can occur after vaginal childbirth and can be treated with a minimally invasive surgical procedure, however it is vitally important that you see an expert in vaginal reconstructive surgery and one that is Board Certified in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery. This is not a plastic surgery issue, this repair involves re-establishing support of the pelvic organs, including the uterus if necessary and THEN reconstructing the vagina and vaginal canal for sexual function. if you are interested in vaginal rejuvenation at the same time, you must ensure your surgeon also is trained in cosmetic vaginal surgery and vaginal reconstruction. Many urogynecologists do not address these sexual function issues or the appearance of the vagina itself.

There are different surgical approaches to repairing pelvic organ prolapse. The abdominal approach has been proven to be the most successful for the bladder and the uterus, however many surgeons just try to repair everything through the vagina, and in many cases in the past would use vaginal mesh for this type of repair, which had a high risk of complications. We recommend a laparoscopic approach to treat the prolapse and then we repair the vaginal caliber and appearance with a vaginal approach at the same time. The laparoscopic approach uses mini incisions in the abdomen and keeps it an outpatient type procedure, however maintains the advantages and cure rates of the abdominal approach.

Best of luck to you, but again, be very careful in who you choose to be your surgeon as your case is much more complex than just a cosmetic issue.

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What is bulging from my vagina? I am fearful to be a relationship.

Sometimes medical diagnoses can cause people to worry more than they should.  You have been diagnosed with pelvic organ prolapse of your bladder ( a cystocele) and your intestine (an enterocele.)  Its is not clear from your questions whether you have symptoms from this or not. Common symptoms would be pelvic pressure and bladder leakage and a sensation that everything is falling out.  If you have symptoms such as these and they are affecting the quality of your life then surgical correction can be performed. 

As far as appearance, I think the "white flower shape swirl tissue" you are referring to is the anterior remnants of your hymenal ring.  This is bulging out more because of the bladder prolapse. This would be fixed at time of bladder repair. 

Its not uncommon for women to desire surgical correction of their bodies before they resume sexual relationships.  Depending upon your symptoms this may not be a cosmetic operation but strictly surgical correction of pelvic organ prolapse.  The subspecialty of Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery or Urogynecology are the surgeons that address pelvic organ prolapse.  You can also have cosmetic issues addressed as well during surgical repair of pelvic organ prolapse.   Good luck.

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