Apollo TriPollar After Smart Lipo?

Is it ok to have Apollo Tripollar treatment after Smart Lipo on the belly?

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TriPollar can be used post Smart Lipo with physician supervision.

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The Apollo TriPollar treatment may be utilized after SmartLipo especially if the patient has excessive laxity of the skin in the treated body area after they have fully healed. Tripollar can non-invasively tone and tighten collagen to tighten tissue and improve laxity in both the skin and the tissue beneath the skin.  It would be a good idea to wait 3 months after the Smar tLipo or consult with your surgeon to determine when he/she thinks it would be appropriate.

Chicago Dermatologic Surgeon
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It's fine to use Apollo Tripollar treaments following liposuction

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The Apollo treatment uses radiofrequency to heat the skin and fatty tissues up to induce a controlled contraction response. It is certainly ok to use after liposuction surgery, but you'd need to wait 1-2 weeks to initiate I think. With prior laser liposuction, I'd be tempted to tell you it's more like 4-6 weeks as there's already a thermal injury present from the Smart Lipo.

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