What surgeries do I need for a more feminine face? (Photo)

My face does not look so feminine, how would I go about making it more feminine? My head shape is so weird compared to my body, in the braids picture you can really see it. It's like it has no shape at all, honestly. Side view it looks fine but front view it's really weird, and my chin/jawline is so big I think it affects the size of my lips per-say. I should also add I have a pretty big overbite, would correcting this be my best bet in fixing my issue?

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Couple surgeries recommended for your FFS

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Based on your photos, a few procedures are recommended for you to become more feminized such as forehead augmentation, cheekbone implant and jawbone reduction(upper+lower). 

You can check more details with a board-certified plastic surgeon..

Facial feminization

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I think that cheek implants combined with a chin implant or even better, correction of your overbite will bring more harmony to your face. Increasing the volume of your cheeks will reflect the light in your eyes to make them even more attractive.

Vartan Mardirossian, MD
Jupiter Facial Plastic Surgeon
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What to do to make my face look more feminine.

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I think what you could do to make your face look more feminine is probably start with a rhinoplasty I think maybe if it was smaller it would make you look more feminine. Out of all the things you can do I think lip augmentation can make you look more feminine by making your upper and lower lips bigger. I think also maybe your eyebrows if you change the eyebrows a little bit it would help and that you could just improved through waxing but having it go higher at the end would help you. You can even get some fillers in the central part of your forehead to bring more attention to your eyes I think also if you had some more cheek augmentation and push your cheeks out it would help as well. I would need to see a side profile to see if chin reduction would help as well.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

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