2 Apicos Last Week but Pain is Worse Now Than Before. Why? (photo)

I had apicos on 15 year old root canals with post/crowns (#7 and #8). On and off pain began months ago and dentist recommended apicos (xray showed root abscesses). I had the procedure 6 days ago and now I'm in constant throbbing pain. OS says the teeth had no fractures but now I can't touch them without pain--they are very sensitive, as is the area beside my nose and above my lip. I return for follow up this week. Why am I in such pain now? It was never like this before the surgery. Help please.

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2 Apicos Last Week but Pain is Worse

Pain is probably due to infammation and trauma as a result of the procedure.  Did the surgeon prescribe anti inflamatories to be taken before and after?, did he adjust your bite?

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2 Apicos and Pain is Worse

Sometimes, the pressure and swelling from the surgery can change the position of the teeth, so that your bite might be slightly off. have the dentist check that.

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