Anxious to Get Rid of Fat Graft to Return to Original Face?

I had fat injection on forehead and cheek. The result was not satisfying: too big a forehead makes me look like an alien and the upper cheek injection makes my eyes narrow.. Please can any doctor suggest the longevity of the fat graft (in which I just did once Only, my surgeon suggested to redo it in three months time for a permanent result) and i consider steroid injection for removal how long the swelling last? And how effective it is? How likely side effect is developed? Any alternatives?

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Fat is permanent....

Depending on the level of injection of the fat, it might be possible to liposuction out some of the fat. Your surgeon should know in what layer of the skin he injected the fat.   Steroid injection is useful for focal areas of irregularity, but it will not help  remove all the fat.

As far as permanence goes....usually about 40-60% of the fat injected will survive [you'll know at 3 months what that iis], and then it will be permanent.

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Fat transfer is a powerful tool for facial rejuvenation

There is no doubt that fat transfer is one of the great tools available for making you look younger. Rather than a traditional facelift that involves a lot of nip and tuck, giving a person that pulled look that screams, "I just got a facelift!" Fat transfer is both subtle and powerful, and with meticulous technique, you can get very nice results that are permanent. I simply love the technique, and I think it provides much better results in most patients than facelift or facelift alone...

Srdjan Ostric, MD
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