Will hot yoga affect my gluteoplasty with implants?

In february i've buttock implants. One of them (right side) presents problems of persistant seroma (2 1/2 months) an my doctor must to reubicate at april 26th. Now i'm ok, my sacr is close and I want to back to bikram. My doctor says that exercize could be too agressive but I think is ok. I don't know what to think. I have 325 cc (and practically born without buttocks)

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Bikram after buttock implant

With completely closed and healed incisions, you should be able to exercise and go to Bikram. Follow up with your surgeon for further post-op instructions. 

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Buttock implants

ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR SURGEONS INSTRUCTIONS.  As surgeons we cannot stress enough the importance of following postoperative instructions. 

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Will hot yoga affect my butt implants?

Great question.  It is always important to follow your plastic surgeons instructions on healing in terms of properly managing a seroma complication. It's unlikely that bikram with have a significant adverse impact.  Keep in close contact with your plastic surgeon to assure healing is going as expected, and if needed, get a second opinion. Best, Dr. Chacón.

Carlos O. Chacon, MD, MBA
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