Antibiotics Arent Working After Nose Surgery?

For twelve months I have been on antibiotics..from augmentin to levequin and avalox and most recently a sulfer based antibiotic. On a scale from one to ten all of these meds have dropped the infection from a ten to a seven, however after 48 hours of so after I finish them I am back to square one.

I have had nasal surgery, done weeks upon weeks of meds, and no diagonoses have come back from the cultures. My doctor and I are both at a loss. Desperately need advice as to what else to try or check..

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Post Rhinoplasty Infection: A Rare Situation

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Postoperative infection after Rhinoplasty is very rare.  When it occurs, it is most typically associated with antibiotic resistant bacteria like MRSA.  However, the information  provided doesn't effectively differentiate a postoperative infection from postoperative swelling. If the general sentiment is that an infection persists, my opinion is that an infectious disease specialist should be involved.

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Infection after rhinoplasty

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Not knowing exactly what surgery you had or exactly where the infection is it is impossible to say anything specific. In general I think everyone would agree that if an implant was placed at your nasal surgery it should be removed as soon as possible. Barring that patients with unexplained hard to treat infections need to be seen by an infectious disease specialist.

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