Normal To Take Antibiotics After Breast Aug for Dental Cleaning? Why Exactly? Do You Suggest It? Thx

A big thanks for the great response to my last question. You all helped put my mind at ease. I had breast aug/lift last week. Next month I have a dental cleaning. I have read that you should take antibiotics to prevent capsular contracture. What do you suggest for your clients and Why? Please explain what part of the cleaning can cause problems. (the plaque, cleaning agents, etc.) What kind of antibiotics would be given for this? How many years do you suggest doing this for? Thank you!

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Dental Cleaning and Breast Implants

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The plastic surgical community is split. Many surgeons who believe in the biofilm theory, administer antibiotics prior to dental work. There are no well done studies. The reason for the division is because on the one hand, nonchalantly giving antibiotics causes selection of drug resistant bacteria but on the other hand, most surgeons do not want to risk any potential problems with the implants they place.

Need to take antibiotic with dental procedures?

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There are many suspected causes of a capsular contracture but the most likely causes are implant contamination, bleeding and infection. Surgical technique is critical as prevention is the cure for capsular contracture. The risk of a capsular contracture when implants are placed above the muscle is in the 20 to 30% range. When the implant is placed either subfascial or sub muscular the risk is in the 4 to 7% range. The no touch technique was first described in 1991. This means avoiding any surface contamination of the implant during insertion. The no touch technique combined with irrigation with antibiotic and betadine solution as well as use of a funnel has greatly decreased the risk.

Breast Augmentation

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Although there is no hard evidence, we routinely offer our breast augmentation patients antibiotics before dental work.  Personally, I would do this, on the chance it would help prevent a capsule.  All the best!  "Dr. Joe"

Antibiotics before Dental Work after Breast Augmentation?

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Thank you for the question.

Unfortunately, there is no science one way or another whether antibiotics used prophylactically before dental work is helpful. Therefore, this is not part of my “routine practice”. On the other hand, if the patient requests this prophylaxis I will provide a prescription (for their peace of mind).

I believe that most of my patients do not use athletics prior to dental work;  infections or capture contracture secondary to dental work is  certainly not common and would be difficult to prove  causation.

 I hope this helps.

Capsular contracture

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There are no specific recommendations regarding dental treatment and implants, and I do not routinely recommend them for my patients.

Preventative antibiotics for dental cleaning after breast augmentation

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I do not prescribe antibiotics for patient on whom I have done a breast augmentation when they are having dental work. It is best to follow the advice of the surgeon who performed your surgery.

Antibiotics for Dental Cleaning to Prevent Capsular Contracture

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There is no evidence that taking antibiotics before or after dental work has any impact on capsular contracture. However, unnecessary antibiotic use can cause serious intestinal infections and other side effects. 

Dental cleaning and breast implants

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Some surgeons believe that patients who have breast implants should have antibiotics before any dental procedures.  The concern is that bacteria from your mouth will get into your blood stream and infect your implants leading to capsular contracture.  However, there are no studies nor is there any evidence in the literature that I know of that says this is true.  Because there is no scientific evidence that taking antibiotics before a dental cleaning is beneficial, you probably don't need to do it.  But I would suggest that you discuss this issue with your surgeon since he or she may have a different opinion.


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I do not recommend any antibiotics to my patients for dental cleanings.  I have not seen any patients develop an infection of their breast implants following dental cleaning.

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