Antibiotic Mistake Have Effect on Final Revision Rhinoplasty Result?

Fixed my bridge,pinched droopy nose,6 days ago,inner staple removed today, I made a mistake on my antibiotics, was supposed to take 4 Kephlex 500mg pills a day,but instead took 3 a day the first 3 days and took 1 a day the next 2. My nose looks great from outside the dr said it looked good from inside,but got very concerned after I mentioned this antibiotic mistake to him,said that even if corrected now,this could have effect on my final results? Is this true considering he may have used grafts?

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Rhinoplasty revision antibiotics

HI there,

I would not think there is any way in which this would matter.  The role of prophylactic antibiotics post op is unclear, and at best a minor nuance in treatment.  YOu were on them, so the dose difference is extremely unlikely to have any effect.

The important factor in prophylactic antibiotic therapy is that the drug is given intravenously before the incision is made:  that is, the anaesthetist administers a dose at the start of the operation before beginning.  If this is done, the rest is pretty unimportant.

My suggestion:  don't worry at all.

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