Anti-depressants and Lidocaine- Urgent Question

I am getting smartlipo tomorrow and I am being treated for depression/anxiety with zoloft, wellbutrin and xanax as needed  The doctor told me to stop wellbutrin and xanax 2 weeks prior and said that i was ok to continue taking zoloft. I have been reading online and it is clear that zoloft can slow the lidocaine from metabolizing. Do you allow your patients to continue taking zoloft? What dosage would you give?

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This is a question for your doctor as he/she will know how much lidocaine is planned on being used, and how large an area is to be treated.  Speak with your doctor about this.

SmartLipo risk of lidocaine

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SmartLipo is a very safe procedure when performed by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Most well trained and experienced Plastic surgeons will know which medication that may interact with lidocaine and do perform this under local anesthesia without "going to sleep". We offer our patients both options.  Many medications may prolong the effects of lidocaine. In this situation, its better to discuss this with your Plastic Surgeon. I hope he/she is a trained Plastic Surgeon. There is a difference between cosmetic surgeon and Plastic surgeon. Do your research well. Good luck.

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