Anti-aging Treatments for Rosacea?

I am 48 and have rosacea (under pretty good control with Metrogel for years). I have fair, sundamaged skin. Are there any anti-aging treatments or regimens to get younger looking skin? All I hear about is Retin-A and I cannot tolerate this. My dermatologist says I could do microdermabrasion, but I feel my skin is too sensitive. Can you recommend any skin care line or products for sensitive/rosacea skin that would work like Retin-A?

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Rosacea prone skin is typically delicate and needs to be babied...

Retin-A tends to be somewhat harsh especially if you suffer the redness prone skin...and for people with this type of rosacea, microdermabrasion is also generally too of the SkinCeutical products may improve your skin without irritation...

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Anti-aging options for Rosacea

A have good success with a combination of a series of IPL/Fotofacial treatments (to address blood vessels, redness and sun-damaged skin) with prescription medications. Another topical option for you is called Finacea (azelaic acid). One expected side effect of it though is an initial stinging sensation so if you are going to use this medication, I recommend application of a layer of moisturizer, followed by a pea-sized of Finacea to start with until your skin gets acclimated to this medication. You generally should avoid chemical peels, resurfacing and microdermabrasion as they can cause more irritation to your sensitive skin.

Bryan K. Chen, MD
San Diego Dermatologist
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