Temporary Results from AHA Peels?

Why does skin revert back to its normal condition after alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) treatment is stopped? If AHA is supposed to increase collagen or encourage cell proliferation, why aren't the anti-aging effects permanent?

It seems pointless to expose your delicate facial skin to this topical treatment if the effects are limited. Does research indicate that the skin will return to its normal state after treatment with Epidermal Growth Factors, Insulin-like Growth Factors, Glycolic Acid, Chemical Peels, and products like Amotokin that stimulate stem cell activity?

I am totally confused by all the conflicting information out there.

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Too Many Promises Regarding AHA peels

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While AHA peels certainly make the skin appear fresher and younger, such effects are short-lived. AHA peels will help with fine, superficial wrinkles and lines. It also is excellent for improving the color of the skin by removing brown discolorations and sun spots.

There is some evidence that glycolic acid might stimulate the formation of collagen.There was an article in Dermatologic Surgery a few years ago that showed it turns the genes on to produce collagen and hyaluronic acid. A few years prior to that study, it was shown that glycolic acid increased collagen prodcution in hairless mice. However, there is not a whole let else in our dermatology literature in this regard.

Thus, you may have been over promised its effect which as I said may be good in other ways but is not particularly effect at increasing collagen.

You might ask your physician for article citations in this regard. Kindly E Mail the results if you would be so kind.

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