Anterior LAVA Crown and Tooth Lengthening, is All of This Necessary?

Trauma on #8,9 and 10. #10 has a chip and #8 and 9 have fractures all over the teeth. Got root canal done on them and internal bleaching but #9 is still pretty reddish. My initial dentist said he could put a LAVA crown on them and composite resin for #10 and it would look good but insurance wouldnt cover. went to get second opinion. This dentist said insurance will cover LAVA crown but now i need tooth lengthing and special material to go underneath LAVA so reddish wont go thru Are both needed?

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Discolored teeth a d Lava crowns

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I think your real decision you want it to match and look natural, or do you just want a crown? 

Patients often present with teeth in conditions that make it difficult for us to correct in a "usual" way. That often requires special procedures, materials, should be happy that your dentist knows about these things and is offering you top quality treatment for the most esthetic and long-lasting results! As far as crown lengthening goes...if you can have this done with a dental laser, your healing ttime will be shorter and the result more predictable. Good luck!

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Lava Crown, Crown Lengthening and Your Smile

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The second dentist you went to knows what they are talking about.  Ask to see other cases they have done like yours because trying to match three teeth right in front with Lava and bonding and have them look natural and beautiful is VERY challenging and requires a lot of skill.  So yes you will need the block material underneath and a strong thick LAVA or LAVA-like crown on top.  The crown lengthening is to get the front teeth to be the same size and shape for your best smile!

Lava Crown

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Masking out dark color can be a real challenge.  Usually I use a post that covers the tooth so that the tooth is the same color as the others.  I would go with the second opinion.  Crown lengthening is often necessary.  Makes sure it heals for a least several weeks before taking the final impressions.  There may need to be revisions and the healing continues for a couple months.  You can do mock-ups or projected photos to show you the difference.  It's worst going the extra mile and doing it right

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Repairing Teeth takes Homework!!!

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I am sorry you had trauma-It doesn't make it fun but it can be worth it.  First of all-Try to make a plan that doesn't invovle cost to see what is ideal treatment and then decide what you can afford.  Crown lengthening helps even out your gums-Look in the mirror-Do you have gums that don't match?  Walking bleach for root canal teeth does work, so make sure that the Internal bleaching was done correctly and long enough.  You can fix 10 with bonding if you like the color of your teeth.  Otherwise, whiten first.  Veneers are ideal so make sure you even need a crown-Lots of questions, find out the answers-Do your homework and go for another consultation if you can.  Much success-Dr. Wendy

Wendy S. Spektor, DDS
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LAVA crown and crown lengthening indications

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Your question is impossible to answer without an exam and X-ray. I can advise you on what LAVA crown means and what "tooth lengthening" means.

LAVA is a brand name for a crown made of a milled zirconia core with porcelain baked on top to give the shape and color. A zirconia core is a very white and strong material that can mask out a dark tooth, so it is a good choice for you case. LAVA just means that it is a 3M product, and it refers only to the core. The porcelain that it baked on it is done by the lab technician that your dentist uses. There are many other good zirconia crowns that are not that brand name.

Tooth lengthening most likely is actually crown lengthening. This is needed if the gums/bone are too low on the tooth and the teeth would look too short or square (gummy look). Another indication is if there is not sufficient tooth structure to hold the crown down. This process involves cutting the gums and some bone to make the teeth longer. It exposes new tooth structure that can be used to better retain the crown. Note that crown lengthening involves cutting bone. If they are not cutting bone, it should be referred to as a gingivectomy, which means cutting the gums. This is much simpler and can be done with a laser, but only if there is enough gum to work with.

You can also get Porcelain Fused to high noble metal (PFM) crowns, but you need an very good dentist/lab tech to get nice results.  This will also cover the dark tooth. They should use a porcelain butt joint to avoid the gray line at the gum-line.


good luck

Dr. T

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