Would a Woundvac still be beneficial at this point? (photos)

This is week 13. My wounds on the bottom are still open. This wound that is oozing is new. Do you think a wound vac would still be beneficial at this point?

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Would a Woundvac still be beneficial at this point?

Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well.. It seems that you have developed a type of fat necrosis, which can be very serious is it's not attended with time. You need to be drained ASAP by your surgeon.

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Wound Vacs are for clean wounds

and a freshly draining wound does not fit that category.  You must see your surgeon and be evaluated for the cause and initiate appropriate wound care.  As for the larger wound that has granulated in, its up to you at this point whether to stay with the VAC, get a small skin graft, or allow it to heal in secondarily and have a scar and more sensitive skin (that will take weeks to heal).  You can discuss this with your surgeon when you have your new wound checked.

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The first picture looks like a nicely granulating wound. The second, an abscess with pus that needs to be drained ASAP. Good luck, Jane

Jane M. Rowley, MD
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Would a Woundvac still be beneficial at this point?

Thank you for your pictures and questions. I would echo others here. From what you are showing, this is something that needs to be evaluated by your surgeon ASAP. This could represent and infection or ongoing fat necrosis. Either way, you need to be seen and evaluated by your surgeon.

Best of luck!

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You need to go see your plastic surgeon. You may be having some fat necrosis. It could also be an infection. This is something where the clinical presentation is important and an exam is really necessary.

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Would a Woundvac still be beneficial at this point?

Hi.. thank you for the question and photos.. I suggest you to contact you PS ASAP.. This have to be treated by an specialist. 

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