What is your opinion about these skin tears that I'm experiencing? I am 7 weeks post op. (Photo)

These photos were taken between 9-11-16 and 10-19-16. I am doing the wet to dry pads twice a day. I have had 4 repair surgeries. The surgeon admitted that he pulled the skin to tight when he did my mastopexy. I did not get implants.

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Breast Revision prolonged wound healing

I am very sorry you are experiencing delayed healing with your breast surgery.  It never hurts to proceed with a second or third opinion with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon regarding the best treatment to obtain healing.   One other option may be to contact a nearby Medical School that has a Plastic Surgery department for an evaluation. 

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Skin loss after mastopexy

I have little to offer over what has been said, but wound cultures are a smart thing to do as there are opportunistic infections that can cause further tissue loss and delayed wound healing.  Based on these photos I would consider a wound vac after debridement of non vital tissue.

R. Laurence Berkowitz, MD
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You will heal with continued good wound care

 and debridement by your surgeon as indicated.  Yes, it could happen from pulling to tightly but I've also experienced it where it seemed to be more a reaction to sutures.  Regardless, with wound care, this will end and once you are healed, you can consider scar revisions if felt to be beneficial or even possible.  

Curtis Wong, MD
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