I want my dorsal hump removed, but I don't want grafts. Is it possible to still have a strong nasal structure without grafts?

I heard grafts can dissolve over time? That is scary. Are grafts needed for a primary surgery?

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I want my dorsal hump removed, but I don't want grafts.

Hi, I have performed and taught Rhinoplasty for over 30 years.  You can have a Rhinoplasty to reduce the dorsal hump and refine the nose without placement of cartilage grafts.  Cartilage grafts can be very stable and reliable when properly used but should not be required for reduction of  a dorsal hump or in most primary Rhinoplasty Surgeries.  Hope this helps.  

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Dorsal hump resection and grafting

First off, I feel it would be best for you to simply focus on what you wish your nose to end up looking like.  Leave it up to your surgeon to figure out how to get you to your goal and to determine if grafts are necessary. It is not common for any hump resection to create a need for grafting but I am wondering why you seem to be convinced that you don't want a graft and that grafts are bad or dissolve? Grafts do not dissolve nor are they something to shy away from if the benefits of using them outweigh the downsides. All a 'graft' is in this situation is some cartilage taken from your nasal septum and moved to another location in your nose. My suggestion would be to meet with a few qualified surgeons and, once you've made your choice, simply allow that surgeon to carry out their plan in whatever way they feel they will be able to deliver your best results. 

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Hump removal in rhinoplasty do you have to have nasal grafts?

Dear roselie, If you review all of my videos on realself you will see a large portion of these videos are on patients who have desired hump removal. I believe there are some 45 videos from the past year or so and not one of these patients has required grafts. I perform many rhinoplasty procedures weekly that are not on my video feed and I can say the same with those patients. It is important during rhinoplasty surgery to address both function and aesthetics so the majority of my procedures are actually septorhinoplasty cases where I address the septum to some degree to ensure good function after surgery. I have found when this is done I have not had the need to use spreader grafts to avoid obstruction. Each surgeon has their own surgical techniques and I personally have not found a need to use spreader grafts in the majority of my patients. After consultation and examination you would be fully advised regarding rhinoplasty surgery and then you can make a very informed decision. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Dorsal Hump Removal

Dorsal hump removal generally does not require cartilage grafting to the nose.  The best recommendation is to have an in person consultation with a board certified specialist who can evaluate you and assist you with achieving the goals you seek. 3-dimensional computer imaging can help you visualize what you may look like afterwards and serve as an important communication tool with your surgeon.

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Cartilage grafting with primary rhinoplasty

Dorsal hump reduction does not require cartilage grafting. Cartilage grafting is used to improve breathing function or to improve nasal tip. Properly placed nasal grafts do not dissolve/resorb. 

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Rhinoplasty Details


Modern rhinoplasty has evolved to consistently produce a natural result that maintains nasal function.  Interposition grafts are used more often than not to support the bridge and tip complex, preserving shape and function.  These types of grafts (your own cartilage, most often taken from your nasal septum) are securely fixed to native cartilage, and resorption it rare if ever. 

Grafts placed without securing sutures under skin will resorb, however.  These types of grafts are not necessary for dorsal hump removal, and should be avoided in any situation.

Best of luck!

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Wanting dorsal hump removed without grafts

Dorsal hump removal does not require any grafting. Grafting is used to augment your nose, such as for a low dorsum or poor nasal tip projection. From your description is does not seem that you will need any augmentation of your nose. Please see examples below.

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Nasal Hump Removal Without Cartilage Grafts

Nasal humps can usually be removed without the need for cartilage grafts. There are rare exceptions when grafts are needed such as people with very short nasal bones. You have posted many questions; It might be helpful to  consult with an experienced rhinoplasty specialist who can examine you and respond to all your questions.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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I want my dorsal hump removed, but I don't want grafts. Is it possible to still have a strong nasal structure without grafts?

Without seeing you in person or reviewing your photos I can only guess why a dorsal hump removal might even need cartilage grafts.  When a large hump is reduced there is narrowing of the mid bridge that can cause airway obstruction.  To combat this "spreader" grafts are fairly routinely placed to accomplish what those external breathing strips do to widen the internal airway.  Other uses of cartilage grafts are to maintain tip projection and would be a separate issue.
In summary, cartilage grafting is usually permanent and grafts normally don't dissolve (if they're your cartilage) and if needed will benefit you.  I hope that this answer helps and good luck.  Enjoy your results!

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Cartilage grafts

Thank you jfor the question and I think I answered it earlier. If only a hump is being removed there is probably no need for cartilage grafting.  So see some experts in your area and be evaluated and become fully informed what is the best procedure for you.

Dr. Corbin

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