Skin is Dark After C02 Fractional Laser Resurfacing

I recently had C02 fractional laser resurfacing under my eyes and around my mouth. Following the procedure I kept aquaphor on the effected area for 3 days and then used aloe cort for a couple of days. It has been one month since I had this procedure. I am concerned because the area (particularly under my right eye is still very dark. I try to cover it with makeup as best I can. The area around my mouth is also still pinkish red. Is this not unusual? I have been careful to use SPF, too. Advice?

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Redness and pigmentation after CO2 fractional laser resurfacing

it is normal to be red for more than a month after fractional CO2 laser resurfacing.  post inflammatory hyperpigmentation is a risk. You may need lightening creams and very good sunblocks. The doctor may do some light chemical peels on the pigmentation in conjunction with using a prescription lightening cream.

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