Is It Normal To Have Increased Difficulty in Breathing After Septorhinoplasty?

i had septorhinoplasty month ago for alar nostrils size reducing and bridge thinning now i have agood nose shape but my breathing quality redused especially on excersises i feel like i need to have more air and during breathing my alae moves inward and outward i'm soo afraid that it could be valve collapse that may need another surgery my quesion is could this be normal due to swellings and my breathing will improve in future or not thank u

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Poor Breathing After Rhinoplasty Calls for Thorough Exam

Hello, Safi.

Best advice: see your surgeon for a complete exam.

It may just be that there are some very thick mucus plugs blocking the air passages. The doctor can spray liquid anesthetic into your nose and really check it out and perform thorough cleansing.

Still could be swelling which can also be determined; there is medicine for that.

If the exam does not satisfy you, a second opinion is always wise.


-Robert Kotler, MD, FACS


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