Poor results from Bellafill. Any suggestions? (Photo)

I went to 2 different plastic surgeons for the bags under my eyes and each recommended either Bellafill or Sculptura. I chose Bellafill and went toa highly reputable injector. I also had PDO threads done. I was told that by lifting my cheeks a bit, the bags would be less noticeable. I had 3 syringes done and went back 2 months later and had 3 more syringes placed. My face is bottom heavy and asymmetric. The Bellafill did help with that, but I still want to reduce the bags. Any suggestions?

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Bellafill around the eyes

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I see the overfill in the eye area but the cheek hasn't been addressed properly. It is hard without seeing you in person to give advice.  I don't think that threads are going to help his area. I would get an opinion from an Oculoplastic Surgeon. I think this needs surgical correction to remove excess Bellafill and to improve the lower lid.

Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Bellafill for Under the Eyes

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Thank you for adding your photos as this is helpful. I regularly use Bellafill for under the eyes and it appears that you did get an improvement but obviously not as much as you would have liked. Your photos suggest that you have more than the volume loss that Bellafill appears to have corrected. It looks like you also have festoons and excess skin. A procedure like a simple lower eyelid pinch blepharoplasty should help this problem.

Of course it is difficult to tell exactly without seeing you. Make sure you see a surgeon who is American Board Certified and preferably a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Surgeons.

I hope that helps.

Best regards.

Brian Windle, MD
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Puffy Lower Lids after Bellafil

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Without an examination, I cannot determine whether the puffiness is related to the Bellafil injections.  Seek out an expert eyelid surgeon for a consultation.  A surgical option may be indicated.

All the Best

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