Will Another Surgery Give Me Better Symmetry As Well As a Better Shape? (photo)

I had a 2 stage procedure for severe assymetry. I had a breast aug first than a lift with bigger implants. It's been 7 months and my areolas have stretched and my left breast is still a little bigger, it's also a different shape because the bottom is flat. This is very noticeable in bikinis or low cut tops, also bras don't fit me right. I know my result is good considering how I started but I want to know if it can be better. Can surgery fix these little issues to give me a better result?

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Better Symmetry As Well As a Better Shape

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I think you have had a nice outcome so far, and concur with your desires to tweak the outcome.

I can't really appreciate the size difference on these 2-D photos, but switching out an implant makes since if the sizes are uneven. Making the areolas smaller would be helpful, and perhaps an attempt to release and stretch out the inner part of the lower pole on the right. If it is 7 months since the second procedure, you could do this any time. If it is 7 months since the first, allow 6 months after the second. But you can maintain a dialogue with your surgeon at this time.


All the best. 

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Revision of large areolaes after breast lift

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It looks as if you have already had one revision of very large areolas after your first surgery, I would discuss with your surgeon what can be done differently before your next surgery to make your areolas smaller, but this is a reasonable request.

Improving Breast Symmetry after Breast Augmentation/Lifting Surgery?

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Thank you for the question and pictures. You have done a nice job of demonstrating your starting point, your current situation, and your concerns.

 At this point, considering the nice and significant improvement that you have achieved, I would suggest that you leave things alone for now. In my practice, I would ask that we “revisit” your situation/concerns roughly 6 months from now.

 Ultimately, yes, breast symmetry can be improved even more, especially when it comes to areola size/position.  This revisionary surgery will likely be helpful when it comes to  wearing swimming suits, tank tops etc.

Continue to follow-up with your plastic surgeon;  he/she has done a nice job for you thus far.

 Best wishes.

Will Another Surgery Give Me Better Symmetry As Well As a Better Shape?

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Reviewing your posted before and afters I see a very nice result. The risk/benifits of an additional operation must be fully understood. 

Breast asymmetry augmentation areola spreading

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  You certainly have an improvement from the pre op presentation but you are only 7 months.  We like to have a patient let things settle for at least a year.

  Having said this, you will not resolve the areola problems with them being different sizes and both large from the spreading.  They also seem to have some asymmetry with their positions on the breasts.

 The flattness under the breasts is not too apparent from the pictures but this area should "bottom" over the months.

  The answer to your question is yes, you can have further improvement with another surgery but it is important to let this year go by before you intervene.  It is amazing how much changes over time.  Assume you are one year and there are things you want adjusted.  Talk to your plastic surgeon to see if he/she can give some suggestions that might help your concerns.

  Plastic surgeons take a great pride in what we do.  You achieving the goals that you wanted are important and your plastic surgeon should be on your side for any future safe adjustments.


Revision surgery after breast asymmetry reconstruction

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Your results are quite good. It is very common to have nipple asymmetry after these types of reconstructions. Rather than continue having frequent surgery, I would recommend you give it some more time, maybe another 6 months, and then think about proceeding with a nipple revision.

Another Surgery to Improve Results

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You have come a long way and you are correct that your areolas are a bit large. However, this may be due to stretch from the large implants and your starting areolar diameter. While more surgery may be considered, I predict it will cause more scars and more stretch on the areola. You may be better off by not having surgery.

Improving My Surgical Result

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Good Morning Tina,

Thank you for your question and accompanying photos.  

Overall you have much improved symmetry form your previous procedures.  I do agree that your areolae are very large and may detract a bit from your result. It may be possible to make them smaller depending on how much loose skin you have.  With time, the skin is likely to stretch and this may allow you enough looseness to reduce the size of your areolae.

The slight shape asymmetry can also be addressed but with additional surgery there is always a risk that the result may worsen rather than improve the appearance.  Discuss this with your surgeon!!!!

Breast Lift Improvement

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  You results are good as you have said.   I guess the question is does it make sense to have another surgery to improve a good result.   The areolae can probably be reduced, but this is largely dependent upon loose skin availability, which is difficult to judge with photos alone.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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