Here Are Another Set of Pictures of my Asymmetric Eyes and my Bad Nose? My Age is 17 and Really Self Conscious (photo)

Do I need surgery on my eyes right, really asymmetric and has a very lazy look and thick excess upper eyelid skin(fat). Also my eyebrows are really asymmetric, can i permanently change its shape? Im really under depression at the moment because of my face. I want to improve my profile from side and front but my nose is really pointy and can i make my facial features like the guy in the maroon football jersey. Please doctors thank you for your help and honest advice would really be helpful. :) :/

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The degree of concern for your nose and eyes, outweighs the actual anatomic variation I see in those pictures. You are a nice looking young man, with attractive, masculine features (despite being a Chelsea fan, LOL). If your looks are getting the best of you psychologically, I suggest you talk to a therapist/parents about your feelings rather than undergoing an unnecessary operation.

Eden Hazard is a great player, but in my opinion, you already look better than him and hopefully you didn't kick any ball boys either. LOL

Best of luck.

San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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Eyelid skin, pointy nose, facial features

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Hello it is difficult see that you have much of an eyelid asymetry from the photos that you have sent.

I assume that you feel that your nose is pointy from the profile.  If you shorten the tip it may look wider from the frontal view.

You should look to plastic surgery to improve your features not to look like someone else.

I get the feeling that you may be disappointed with the results of surgery and may wind up having numerous procedures in the long run.

Luis A. Cenedese, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

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