Hi, I Have Another Question Regarding Taking Imuran for Crohn's Disease and Wanting to Get a Full Tummy Tuck?

Hi, I was wondering from your experiences if a patient is on Imuran for Crohn's Disease and is approved to get a full tummy tuck if their gastroenterologists typically allow their patients to stop taking Imuran long enough so it is completely out of their system? You see, I would not want to get a full tummy tuck and risk any negative wound healing. Also, when a patient goes for a consultation does their plastic surgeon contact their gastroenterologist after their consultation?

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Crohn's disease and elective cosmetic surgery Need medical clearance first

When I have a patient who desires elective cosmetic surgery it is always best to contact their medical physician.  Your physicians will work together to come up with a plan for your care and to weigh the risk and benefits.  The last thing that you want is to have a flair up of your Crohn's disease after surgery.  

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Imuran and Tummy Tuck

Each patient is different.  If your Crohn's is not very severe, then you can come off of it for a few days.  Your GI specialist would help you adjust your dosing.  Most of my patient's have been cleared for before and after the surgery.  I normally send a letter asking for clearance and explaining the upcoming procedure, but you would be wise to contact your GI doctor before your appointment.  If he says "absolutely not", then you have your answer.  You will also be able to give your Plastic Surgeon important information the day of the consultation.

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It is your responsibility to set u p an appointment with your GI dr and make sure that they will clear you for a tummy tuck. You need to discuss this with both the plastic surgeon and GI doctor.

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