Can I Get Another Plastic Surgeon to Remove my Tissue Expanders and Do my Breast Reconstruction? Silver Spring, MD

Bilateral mastectomy with tissue expanders. Right breast (radiated) is now infected.(no fevers - on Augmentin) I am also having breathing issues and it needs to be removed. My current plastic surgeon is going to do a bilateral diep flap but I won't be scheduled as soon as I would like too. I was told that another plastic surgeon probably won't help me because they didnt put it in and it is infected. Am I at the mercy of my current plastic surgeon? I am desperate to get this expander out.

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Changing plastic surgeon for breast reconstruction

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Have you discussed your concerns and questions with your current surgeon?  An open conversation between patient and surgeon will most often lead to much better mutual understanding of plans and goals.  If you're still dissatisfied with your current surgeon's plans and explanations, as a patient, you always have the right to consult with and choose another surgeon whose goals more closely resemble your own.  That said, definitive breast reconstruction (regardless of technique) is best done after the breast infection has completely resolved.  Removing the infected expanders may expedite resolution of the infection. 

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Infection and expanders

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You are not at the "mercy" of your plastic surgeon. You can always choose to see another surgeon. If you have an infection it is likely that the expander should come out.  You may want to hold off on the diep flap until things settle down.

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Csn I have another Surgeon do my DIEP Flap?

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Of course I think it would be best to get this worked out quickly with your current surgeon.  If that is unable to get resolved to your satisfaction then you of course can get another opinion from a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who performs DIEP Flaps.

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