I Need Another Phase 2 Compression Garment?

I have one Phase 2 compression Garment and know I will need at least 2 more. I have looked all over the web and unless I am willing to pay $50+ for one pair (not what I want to pay) Where can I buy one for a reasonable price? I need to get a size S/P according to my PS. Can any one help me with this? Thank you so much

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Compression Garment after Surgery?

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Thanks for the question.

Communication with your plastic surgeon's office is in your best interest;  every surgeon may have his/her preferences.

Best wishes.

Compression garment

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You should discuss with your plastic surgeon's office as they were recommending it for you to wear. Without providing other information regarding your surgery, time postop, etc., additional recommendations can't be provided.


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That seems to be the going rate for that item. You might call your surgeon's office and ask if there is an alternative.

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