My appointment is a month from now. If I just found another mole, should I try to go to a different doctor sooner?

I just found another mole. That is three that look different. I can't get an appointment with my doctor until a month from now. Is it that important I should go to a different doctor.

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Mole Removal and examination

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The importance of skin cancer screenings and self-examination cannot be re-iterated.  I have had so many patients who were justifiably concerned with moles and moles seeming "different" and needed removal.  If you are concerned I would try to see your dermatologist sooner.  Please let me know what happens.  

How long should I wait to have a mole examined

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A month is a fine amount of time to wait for an appointment to have your moles examined. If you already like your doctor, just wait. Nothing will change that drastically in this timeframe, so it's fine.

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