Would Another Dermabrasion Benefit Me? (photo)

I had one dermabrasion procedure done in '05. Since, I have had 7 Fraxel CO2 sessions and 5 Pixel sessions.In all I have spent $10K+ and I STILL have holes on my face! I don’t know where to go from here.Would a type of chemical peel or another shot at dermabrasion be better for me achieve smooth(er) skin? I know that my skin may never be perfect, but less noticeable would be awesome.I hate even looking in the mirror to do my makeup. I am a pretty girl, I just have horrible skin

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Would Another Dermabrasion Benefit Me? (photo)

Looking at your photos, with apparent "ice pick" type acne scarring, I would say you could get perhaps 30-40% improvement with a combination of punch grafting followed by Co2 resurfacing.

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Treatment for deep acne scarring

Without a full examination it is difficult to tell you if another round of dermabrasion is needed.  It is possible the an ablative procedure would give you a better chance at lessening the degree of your acne scarring.  There is a longer recovery time with this procedure than the non-ablative procedures that you have already had.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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