Moderately atypical mole removed-swollen lymph node on neck for 2 months. Do I need to get a second opinion if I have cancer?

I got a moderately atypical mole removed on my stomach. still waiting for results but believe they got it all. The lymph node on the back of my neck near my hair line has been swollen for at least two months. when I originally went to the dermatologist I wasn't concerned about the lymph node so I didn't say anything. I've gotten sonograms on it since & was told there's nothing to worry about but I'm wondering if should get a second opinion? Can a sonogram detect cancer?

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Lymph node enlargement

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Thank you for your question.  Lymph nodes can be enlarged for multiple reasons including an infection (virus, bacteria, fungus) or due to obstruction for various reasons (cancer, parasites, etc).  The most common cause is a virus.  If you do not have any skin lesions concerning for cancer across the head, then I recommend for you to wait a month or two for it to resolve.  An ultrasound can determine that the enlarged bump is a lymph node but it does not detect cancer.  I wish you the best!

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