I have a physical job. May I go back to work after procedure?

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Mona Lisa Touch

Great question.

you may fully return to activity after your treatments except for sexual intercourse for about 1 week.

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Return to work

The first treatment is amazing well tolerated. The second and third treatment penetrate the tissue a little deeper. During these I have  found a few patients may feels a little more discomfort and need ice after the procedure for a few hours. We all have different tolerance for discomfort. I recommend returning to activity that is physical the next day. I usually have office hours as late as 7 pm to accommodate people's busy lives.

Work after the MonaLisa Touch

You may absolutely return to a physical job after a treatment. Most of my patients come over their lunch hour for their 5 minute treatment. Lidocaine jelly can be applied after an external vulvar treatment for added comfort. 

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Yes, you may.

Because the treatment is so limited, there is no anesthesia and there really is no downtime, you can go back to work the same day. 

You may experience some external discomfort for the first 24 hours if external treatment is done, so you may wish to use some ibuprofen or numbing cream if that is the case.  You may also have a little discharge, so having a pad handy is a good idea.  

I hope that helps!

Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su, MD

Return to work after MonaLisa procedure

Yes you may return to work.  I do suggest waiting 4 days for vaginal sex activity after a treatment.

Restriction of activities after MonaLisa Touch (MLT) treatments

Women who have the intravaginal MLT treatments have no discomfort following the procedure and may immediately resume all activities with one restriction. They are advised to not insert anything into the vagina for 48 hours. 

Following an external treatment, there may be more discomfort, but again, they can resume there normal routine activities.

You may return to work immediately after MonaLisa or FemiLift

These are instant recovery treatments with no downtime and you should have no issues afterwards. You may have sex in 3 days. 

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