Will/do I have to get attachments on my front two teeth? (photos)

I just switched from braces to Invisalign and I get my attatchemts soon. I was wondering if I am going to need attachments on my top front teeth and if it is necessary. My teeth are pretty straight already from braces and the orthodontist said I should need invisalign for only about 6 months. My only worry about needing the top two teeth attachments is because I have a slight gap in between those two teeth but I was hoping it wasn't necessary to get attachments on them to fix the gap.

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Frenectomy evaluation

You probably will not need attachments on your front two teeth, however, you may need a frenectomy. Please have your dentist check to see if there is a frenum issue or there may be too much connective tissue in between your front two teeth which needs to be removed. If this is present, it will act like a compressed piece of rubber and force your teeth apart even after they're brought together with orthodontic treatment. It would be much better to remove this now, if present, than to have a space issue after treatment.

Doug Jopling,  DDS
Dallas, Texas area

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