I have a bridge for 26 years. Have some decay on left side. How will he remove bridge? What if I can't afford implants?

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Decay under the bridge?

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Taking a crown or a bridge is not as difficult as one may think. An  Experienced dentist will be able to either replace a bridge and give you recommendations once he/she is able to look at the bone, tooth structure on an X-ray and with direct clinical examination.

Best of luck!

Dr. Maddahi

Tooth Decay under a dental bridge

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your dentist will have some tools either to wiggle the bridge out if it is loose or to cut it off in few areas and take it off the teeth. 

At that point the abutment teeth will need to be examined. If restorable , and the gum and bone surrounding these teeth are healthy, then your dentist will remove the decay , and make a new dental bridge. 

If one or both of the abutment teeth need to be extracted , then you have to discuss options of replacing the missing teeth with dental implants / longer bridge/ or a partial denture. 

Each option has pros / and cons which you will need to discuss with your dentist. 

The sooner the bridge is removed, the sooner the abutment teeth could be evaluated/ saved before the situation worsens. ....

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