Breast liposuction following tradtional breast reduction?

I had a traditional breast reduction about 6 months ago. Results are great but breasts are still too large for my frame. If i had liposuction preformed would it jeapodize the lift I got?

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Breast liposuction following tradtional breast reduction?

Your surgeon is in the best position to assess if liposuction can make an appreciable change post reduction mammoplasty.  If your breasts are dense, then further resection would be a wiser option.  Someone who has been inside your breasts will have the best seat in the house to make that call.  Speak with your surgeon.  Best wishes

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Too big after your reduction

Thank you for your question. The best way to decipher if your breasts are still too large for your frame is to check in with your plastic surgeon. The amount of tissue to be removed is usually discussed at your consultation and reviewed during your post-operative visits. Generally, doing liposuction after a reduction surgery will only slightly improve the results and reduce the size minimally. The integrity and quality  of your skin will need to be assessed by the surgeon to determine if this choice is right for you. Please seek out your board-qualified plastic surgeon to discuss your concerns. 

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