Bite Misallignment and Smile Makeover?

My brother in law is a dentist and he suspects that my bite may be misaligned. I had braces in high school but now my teeth dont show when I smile and my bite just looks weird. I'm not sure whether I would need orthognathic surgery, braces, veneers, lip lift, etc.. Question is, -exactly which type of xrays will I need to discern the problem? -does it have to be done by an orthodontist/dentist, or can a general practitioner take the xrays I need? - and will it be covered by insurance? thanks

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Smile Makeover

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It is hard to give advice about cosmetics without seeing photos and X-rays.  You can start with a dentist who does a lot of cosmetics and talk about options.  If you have a bite problem, ortho could be the best treatment to begin with. It is a great idea to have the cosmetic dentist involved to assure your will get a nice bite but to also look at giving you a great cosmetic outcome.

I like to meet with the patient prior to ortho and discuss what they would like as a final result.  This allows me to discuss tooth position with the orthodontist and how we would like to finish the case after the braces are removed.

Full orthodontic examination

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with this study, you can have a complete idea of your teeth and bone structures, the angulation, lay out, and complete diagnose milimetrically of everything you need to do to have great smile, then with those studies, lateral , panoramic, models ,pictures, you will be able to see a orthodontist, a cosmetic dentist, or an oral surgeon, in case you need it, thais will give you great layout of your smile, and you will have great results.


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Most orthodontists use either a lateral ceph or a 3D CB to diagnose and treatment plan a situation such as yours--I would definitely see an established orthodontist--good luck!

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