Would Invislign or traditional metal braces for my crooked canine? (photos)

I've been to one dentist who said I was a great candidate for Invisilign. I wanted to get other opinions though from professional. My lower teeth are crowded and my upper right canine protrudes and is crooked. The two teeth next to my front teeth appear small and short as well so I was hoping it would be able to pull them a little lower. I've had my wisdom teeth removed by recommendation of my dentist to prepare for Invisilign. Any help and recommendations are greatly appreciated :)

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You are a great candidate for Invisalign

You are a great candidate for Invisalign. Your short lateral incisors will not improve with orthodontic therapy. You will need a gingivectomy or quite possibly aesthetic crown lengthening to correct the short appearance of those teeth. Good luck, and you're going to have a great smile within a short period of time if you do these things.
Douglas Jopling,  DDS Dallas,  Texas area

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