Deep filled molar - root canal and crown or only crown? (photo)

I have an upper molar (#14) that has a deep filling. After two months of the composite filling, I can chew on that side, but not hard stuff (bagels etc) or the filling part hurts. I do not have cold or hot sensitivity anymore than other tooth and they dont linger. Had sweet sensitivity a few times. A general dentist tested and could not suggest RCT i. Is a crown-only likely to fix the pressure sensitivity? Is removing a crown difficult if it needs RCT later? (not worrying so much about costs).

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Crown vs. Crown and RCT

A crown may be the answer to your problems but I suggest placing it with temporary cement for a period of time. If it turns out that you need a root canal the crown can be easily removed. The root canal can be done and then the crown permanently cemented.

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