Crowing a molar when opposing tooth has worn enamel? (Photo)

Hi, I have a molar (#14) that may need a crown as its filling is deep, but the opposing tooth's enamel is quite worn out due to grinding. I am afraid the crown will make it worse, or if I need to make a crown on both of them, then I am afraid that they will not be able to adjust the bite. 1) Do I necessarily need a crown? 2) If so, if I get all ceramic ones, will the opposite tooth erode more, even if I always wear a night guard? Thank you very much for very useful help!

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Worn enamel

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Based on the x-ray you posted it appears that you have an open bite in the front of your mouth. This means that only the back teeth are touching. I believe the cause of your wear has more to do with your bite than grinding. I suggest you have an orthodontic consultation to evaluate your bite prior to doing the crown. It does appear that a crown may be necessary but there is a larger problem present if you are only biting on 4 teeth. 

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