Safe to get laminate veneers some days after cheek implants and rhinoplasty?

I am going to get my secondary rhinoplasty and cheek implants in December. I m going to Turkey for the procedure and staying there for 10 days. Is it safe to get laminate veneers at the same time. Like a couple of days after the procedure?

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The upside to traveling outside of the U.S. for dental work is that it is a lot cheaper. The downside is that you may get poorer quality results that you will have to live with for years to come and could end up costing more in the long run if you are unhappy with the results. I always recommend selecting an experienced cosmetic dentist who has excellent before and afters of the actual patients. These photos will give you a pretty good indication about what results you can expect.  I hope this helps. Follow me for more questions and answers.

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there are several techniques, if the doctors work in the same team, yes, they can combine it. if not will be a problem, and you will need to do it separately, but yes you can do it at the same time , within that time frame.

Please get a consultation

I would imagine your cheeks would be pretty tender after such a procedure. Your cheeks would have to be retracted during the veneer procedure and I don't think I would advise having dental work done so soon. I do have a question. Why are you doing the cheek implants? If you feel like they will help your smile, please have a cosmetic dentist examine you first to see if orthodontic treatment or the veneers would help broaden your smile making such an invasive procedure is cheek implants unnecessary. Also, I always use the phrase Caveat Emptor. Are you certain that going to Turkey is a safe thing for you or are you going just because the price is less than what you can get here. Do you know the credentials and experience of the doctors who will be treating you there? What are you going to do if you have complications so far away? Again, you may not need such an aggressive procedure at all when there may be dental treatment that could be done instead. Please get fully evaluated before you get on a plane to do such involved procedures out of the country. Douglas Jopling,  DDS Dallas Texas area

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