Primary Rhinoplasty with septoplasty. Am I a fool to trust the one with lesser experience?

I have narrowed my search down to 2 Drs. Their approaches are pretty much the same however 1 has 30 yrs experience vs 1O. Am I a fool to trust the one with lesser experience? They have equal credentials. The newer one has excellent reviews. I am so torn. Thanks for the input

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Choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon: 10 years experience is plenty experience!!

There are a lot more factors to consider when choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon other than years experience. You should review their before and after photos, and make sure you're "on the same page" with the surgeon about what your goals are. I would not consider 10 years as "lesser" experience--I would consider it "plenty" experience!!

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Primary Rhinoplasty with septoplasty. Am I a fool to trust the one with lesser experience?

Hello Sissy134,
Thanks for your question.
Experience definitely counts in rhinoplasty.  A surgeon with 30 years of experience taking care of and improving noses in the most modern ways possible can hardly be beat.  That being said, a well-trained surgeon with 10 years experience using the most advanced techniques for successful rhinoplasty could be perfect for you.
The reality is that credentials are from the past.  Experience is the best marker for a successful outcome. However, a surgeon with 30 years experience could have been doing the procedure the old-fashioned way the whole time.  Also the surgeon who has 30 years experience but has averaged 10 rhinoplasties a year, may not be as good as a surgeon who has 10 years experience but has been performing 50-100 rhinoplasty procedures a year.
If you feel they are truly equal, then I recommend that you go with your gut instincts.  They rarely will fool you.
Good luck,
Dr. Shah

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Selecting your surgeon

Dear Sissy134,
Some practices have a built in system for getting as many reviews as possible, and other just let it happen naturally. The older surgeon may not be actively pursuing reviews, but the younger surgeon realize this is an important form of marketing for this generation. At 10 years the younger surgeon is not a complete neophyte as long as they have spent time doing rhinoplasties. I would go by how confident the surgeon seemed, whether they shared your vision, their photos, their reputation in the community (as well as just on line), and then trust your instincts. 
Best of luck,

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Rhinoplasty Experience!

10 years of experience should be enough as long as the surgeon can show you good and many before and afters he/she has performed. Rhinoplasty is a surgery you want to make sure is done right the first time. You are doing the right thing and investing in researching your surgeon. You should be safe. 

Choosing a surgeon

Most good rhinoplastic surgeons have certainly mastered their skills by 10 years in active practice.
Years in practice does not correlate with the number of rhinoplasties done. This is the more important number.

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 I believe that experience is one of the most important factors to consider. However, I think there is a point that is reached where the importance of experience levels off and matters less. Both of the surgeons that you mention seem to have sufficient experience and I do not believe that the extra experience of the one surgeon will necessarily lead to a better result. I would go with whichever surgeon you have a better rapport. Good luck!

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Rhinoplasty and septoplasty candidate

 There are many factors to look into when choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon. Look at their board certifications, reviews, ratings, and testimonials. Study their  rhinoplasty photo gallery closely and make sure you like the results that are presented. Make sure both surgeons have dedicated a significant component of their practice to the discipline of rhinoplasty, since rhinoplasty is probably  hardest operation to perform correctly in the entire field of cosmetic surgery. Experience does matter a lot, however a  decade/ or 3 decades of experience is still significant

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Thank you for your question. A septoplasty is usually done in combination with a rhinoplasty so that one operation improves nasal and sinus function as well as the appearance of the nose.

It sounds like both surgeons are excellent candidates to perform your surgery. A great qualifying question is: are both surgeons board certified? If so, then I suggest that you consult with both surgeons because with all else equal, the leading factor in your decision will be your rapport and level of comfort with the surgeon.  

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