Anesthesiologist Cost to Fix Neck After Smart Lipo? (photo)

I have my chin /neck jowls smrt lipo a year ago my result is not good, looks like my neck is half way done, i show my neck to couple of surgeons and i was told that i needed more done the clinic offer to make me happy, although its been a year going back and forth, finally they said they can fix it and they will do more a like lifting my neck muscle, but i have to pay only the Anethisiologist, I ask how much i was told $2900 for anesthisia and this if on top of i already paid them $2600 I paid.

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Smart Lipo revision

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Thank you for you question and photos.  I am sorry you are unhappy with the results. Precision Smart Lipo is a terrific procedure when it is applied to the appropriate neck and jowls. From your before and after photos only, it is difficult to assess what might be the best next step for you.  As for the anesthesiologist, many cosmetic surgeons perform Precision Smart Lipo with local and tumescent (dilute local lidocaine) numbing only - no anesthesiologist required. Not knowing your particular case, I don't know if tumescent lidocaine numbing alone might be right for you, or not. However, I do hope you can work through this and get a resolution that works for everyone.

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Cost for surgery

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It is difficult to tell what has happened to the subbcutaneous tissues of your neck without a physical exam, but I would recommend seeking another opinion from a board-certified plastic surgeon whom is familiar with the SmartLipo technique to see if it is necessary to perform a more invasive procedure that is being recommended (neck lift/platysmaplasty).  In regards to the cost, that is up to the anesthesiologist as to what costs are necessary to provide his/her services, along with the necessary supplies and medicine.


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Usually, the anesthesiologist is an independent person and they charge based on local rates. Ask your surgeon if they can help get him to reduce his fees or help pay for them. But remember he is responsible for your health and had nothing to do with your result

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

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