Am I eligible for laser treatment. Now I am 18 years old. Can you tell me the cost of treatment? (photo)

Is there any side affects by doing a lasers treatment actually I have a long sight I can't visible clearly which is at far from me..and I am wareing a spects

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LASIK Cost and Approval

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Some refractive surgery procedures are approved for 18 years or older.  Cost of treatment ranges depending on what procedure you have and can range from $2100 to $2900 per eye. 

San Francisco Ophthalmologist
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Candidates for Laser Vision Correction

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Yes, assuming you have a stable prescription and no other contraindications, you are eligible at 18 years old!  Pick your doctor carefully.  Some doctors deliberately over correct you forcing you to strain to see and setting you up for reading glasses at an earlier age. 

Cost is $3000-5000 for both eyes.   We can perform it for $3000 in the midwest or west.

David Malitz, MD
Evansville Ophthalmologist

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