Hole on breast three weeks post op...is Hyperbaric oxygen an option? (Photo)

I had a breast lift with implant three weeks ago ....7 days ago the fist breast had a hole at the t junction i ask my PS about oxygen therpy and she said to go ahead it is very good...would it make a difference in healing time? Thank you.

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Hole In Breast Lift/Augmentation At 3 Weeks - Would Hyperbaric Oxygen Be The Best Treatment To Cure This Problem?

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Congratulations on what appears to be an excellent standard breast lift/augmentation.  It is not unusual to get breakdowns along the vertical suture line due to the great deal of tension present, especially when an implant is involved.

Hyperbaric oxygen, while a valuable tool, would not be the first and most useful technique to deal with your suture line separation.  The problem is there is no way of knowing at this point if your wound is going to separate more leading to a true dehiscence, potential infection, and possible implant exposure, or if this is the full extent of the separation and therefore a very minimal problem.

If you were my patient, I would place stainless steel staples bringing the two edges of the separated incision closer together.  The strength in the staple is in the horizontal bar above the wound.  Unlike sutures, it does not strangulate the wound, and because of its strength, it keeps the wound from potentially separating to a greater extent.  I have been using this technique for more than ten years with incredible results.

Topical treatment of this wound, I believe, doesn't address the potential forces that are pulling the edges apart. Hyperbaric oxygen also doesn't address the potential forces that are pulling this wound apart.  If you were my patient, I would deal with the problem directly and use staples.

Hyperbaric oxygen an option?

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This wound looks small and superficial.  It will likely heal up in a week or two with just good wound care.  I don't see any impending implant exposure in these photos. I don't think hyperbaric oxygen would hurt but the cost and effort this treatment requires is not justified by what I see in these photos.

Hyperbaric is overkill

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Hi Kimmy,
I agree with Dr Wong. Your wound will heal well with simple wound care. You'll still get a nice result. Your plastic surgeon has the skills and training to assist you through this problem. You have carefully selected your care-team before your operation, and I’m sure they will skillfully guide you through this period. Hope this will help you.

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Small wound complications

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following augmentation mastopexy should heal on its own with simple wound care.  Hyperbaric oxygen can certainly be used but it would be considered excessive and costly in my opinion.  If you have any progression of this wound, you should be seeing your surgeon for further advice on management.

Its will help with the cicatrization.

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Hello, its a small wound  dehiscence; hyperbaric oxigen will make it heal faster. if wound gets larger or redness and discharge appear around the wound contact your PS.

Best wishes.

Kemil Issa, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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