What (And When) can Be Done to Fix Asymetrical Opening of Eyes/eyelids After Quad Bleph?

My quad bleph was complicated with swelling, major chemosis and now delayed healing. At 12 weeks,I still have redness & scars extending past margins of both eyes. What concerns me more than this, is the fact that one eye noticeably opens 1mm more than the other, and has less visible "length" of eyelid. The smaller eye has much more eyelid showing, and it is obvious. Please advise! Thank you!

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You have to ask yourself if you are comfortable with your current surgeon?

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The best situation is when you have a solid relationship with your surgeon.  Surgical revision is often beneficial to further improve and refine a surgical result.  However, sometimes with a dissappointing surgical outcome the chemistry of confidence needed between a patient and their cosmetic surgoen is damaged.  This makes it very difficult to envision having the trust needed to allow the surgeon to undertake this type of work.  In that case it is reasonable to seek additional opinions.  At 12 weeks, one should have a pretty good idea of what your ultimate surgical result will be like.  Still I would wait at least 6 months before having revisional surgery.

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