How much and which ways is it possible to customize jaw/mandible implant shape and projection into my vision? (photo)

From profile view I am lacking the continues defined line towards the ear and the jawbone's corner is "sunken inwards" lacking the defined masculine look I want. Also from profile view, my jawbonecorner below the ear which is "sunken inwards" is also not close enough to my ear and has enough sharp shape (pointing to neck direction) From front view I only lack a bit of the "mandible"corner. Is it possible to shape the implants shape and projection as I wish? which diffr. type of impl are there?

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Yes. It is possible to get exactly what you want to achieve with ramal/angle implants that are trimmed or customized for you. Materials vary and you can even take an 'impression' (like dental models, but on the face) so you can get a precise contour.
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