Revision of Breast Reduction. SHould I Have to Pay to Fix?

The dr told me that he may have placed my nipples a bit high but the real problem is that when my external incisions separated so did my internal sutures. Did I mention that this was said over the phone not in person. He has not seen me recently. He was going off what he already knew and he was reviewing my post op pics. He knew when it happened and how but never told me nor did her offer to fix it! Now he wants me to pay another $11,000 for him to fix what he messed up. Is this fair or moral?

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Paying for Revisionary Breast Reduction Surgery…

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I'm sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction after the breast reduction procedure. I have posted a response to your question in a previous question you posted.  In regards to the costs associated with revisionary surgery, it is not  (unfortunately) possible to comment without knowing much more detail.

 Best wishes.

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